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Welcome To Home Business Tax Coach! Where We Coach You To Learn To Save BIG On Your Taxes!

Dedicated EntrepreneursWe are a dedicated team of entrepreneurs, who like yourself are owners of home or small businesses. Our goal is to help you keep as much of your money, your TAX money, where it belongs, with you and your family.

Taxes may not be a subject on which you may think can be exciting, but if we showed you how, by our unique coaching system and strategies, you could not only save THOUSANDS of dollars each and every year, but actually receive a significant REFUND on your taxes!

The MassesWe are all about helping the masses, the everyday people, learn, through our stylized coaching process, how they can run their businesses profitably and more effectively on a long term basis.

CoachingMost everyone today has heard how having a professional coach helping them in their field of business or passion has helped many succeed where they may have otherwise given up or failed.

You may think of such professions as sports, weight-loss, fitness, financial planning, personal development and so on which provide this kind of expert education and support. Coaching someone in an area in which they need help has been defined as, someone who has the skills and experience to stimulate, challenge and guide you to reach a particular goal and desire.

Isn’t it your desire to SUCCEED in LIFE as well as in business?

We feel confident that we can help you in both these areas. How?

Successful YearIf you were able to find a way to have more money for you and your family, would this not have a positive impact and difference in such areas of your life such as …

  • Relieving Stress
  • Paying Rent or Mortgage
  • Utility Bills
  • Medical Bills
  • Car Payment(s)
  • Food Expenses
  • Vacations/Entertainment

The ChoiceWe would now like to put to you two options

1. Continue to to freely donate your hard earned money to your government.


2. Find out how you can legally, morally and ethically keep YOUR hard earned money in your pocket and not the government’s.

Get Your Free Report - 9 Tax SecretsLet us show you how we can help you … “Make Tax Day … Pay Day!”

Please take the time to review the information on this site and please watch the video on the sidebar as well as listen to the audio interview and radio broadcast to see and hear what we at HBTC are all about.

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  • Vehicle Log SheetWe have added in the HBTC Members Area under Tax Program Sections a Business Vehicle Log Sheet that will help you track all your mi/km for all your business use. Be sure to print yours off today!

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  • Mobile AppsWe added information in the HBTC Members Area under Tools & Resources on two more mobile apps for expense tracking for BlackBerry & Windows smartphones. We now have information on four mobile expense tracking apps to cover all the major smartphone platform.

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  • news_speedupwindows_55x79We added in the HBTC Members Area under Tools & Resources video tutorials on how to make Make Windows lightning fast an more secure with a video step-by-step guide!

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  • Mike W. PittsMike W. Pitts, Founding Member

    Please listen to the audio testimonial below from Mike W. Pitts to hear about why he feels Home Business Tax Coach is needed for anyone in a Home-Based Business ... Click Here To Listen

  • Kathy C. McHugh, Founding MemberKathy C. McHugh, Founding Member

    Please listen to the audio testimonial below from Kathy C. McHugh to hear about why she loves Home Business Tax Coach and why she feels it it needed for anyone in a home or small business ... Click Here To Listen

  • Bob Avola, US Founding MemberBob Avola, US Founding Member

    I have been in Network Marketing for about 25 years and have always paid the taxes that were due according to my tax advisers and preparers. In the late 90's, the IRS contacted me and said I owed back taxes in excess of $35,000.00. After adding ... Read More

  • Linda Kranich, Canadian MemberLinda Kranich, Canadian Member

    I have been using the Home Business Tax Coach program for a couple of months and I am very impressed with the level of coaching and the education we receive from the experts. I am a life-long learner and this program is superior.

Let us show you how we can help you … “Make Tax Day … Pay Day!”

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